Navvi - Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

What difference who is stronger who is cleverer who is more beautiful who the richman? In fact only, finally, matters, whether happy you the person whether or not.

       Friends, I want to congratulate all of you on Coming New year! I wish happiness, a sound health, young soul, sweet love, MIRA, well-being, miracles, the small pleasures, interesting travel and execution of desires!!! Be happy!!! And let in 2018 on the Earth last monument to last war, last monument to last act of terrorism will be put. And people coming to these places, will shudder from idea, that once there were wars, something once something was blown up, someone killed for the sake of any belief and not the clear purposes … All this, certainly, dreams … However this year I once again was convinced, that dreams come true!!! So give under fight of a chiming clock by all WORLD we shall lift our glasses for WORLD PEACE!!! And our dream, let and not in 2018, but it will necessarily came truth!!!
P.S. Here already in which year my New year nonalcoholic, and I am very glad, that people dividing my sights, to become all more …

L'One - Ветер перемен - John Lenon - Imagine

In New York the snow goes! In Moscow we wait for a snow!

Ivan Navvi

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